Listen to the Tune

1. Let me remind you of a story, shall I tell it once more,
'Twas a wicked king, a burning fire and three Hebrew boys.
Now the king had formed an idol, shining image of gold,
Three refused to bow and, so the story goes on,
How they cast 'em in the fire, how they numbered them again.
Now does my vision fail me? There's an unaccounted man.


There was a fourth man walking in the midst of the fire, likened to the living Son of God.
Behold He has freed the Hebrew three and walks where feet of men have never trod.
For I see Shadrach walking in the midst of the burning furnace, Meshach strolling while the flames were rolling,
And old Abed-Nego I see, and that makes up the three, but there's a 4th. man walking, who is He?

2. You say you're walking in the fire and it's burning your feet
I know One who'll walk beside you, Lord, His presence is sweet.
And even thought the fire's raging, flames of doubt leaping high
Just take a look, you'll find Him standing there by your side.
Always there in time of trouble with deliverance in His hand.
I think I know exactly who the 4th. man is.


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