Ed & Delores Kanneberg

Anniversary Song written for my Aunt and Uncle on their 60th.

We didn't make your fiftieth, now sixty's come and gone.
And I'm feeling really bad that you never got a song.
So this one is for you, dear folks, because you are the best.
And you are so deserving of a song just like the rest.

You've been through lots of happy times, you've had some bad times, too.
But it's all those ups and downs in life that made your marriage you.
 Honey and roses didn't always fill each day throughout the years,
But getting through together sent a message loud and clear.


You didn't stay together just because the days were grand,
but you were there in thick and thin, and walked thru hand in hand.
So now it's over sixty years of wedded life gone by.
We love you two, have many more. My! How the time does fly.

Copyright 2006 Joan Babcock

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