Words & Music by: Jeannie C. Riley
Recorded on "Wings To Fly" by Jeannie C. Riley

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1. Tossed to and fro the disciples were fearing
For their very lives lost out at sea.
High winds were raging and beating the waves round them
Then a voice spoke, "Fear not, be at peace."

2. He came to them walking on water and talking
And though they had known Him still they were afraid.
Yet Jesus' compassion put His love to action
For He ceased the winds and settled the waves.


He said, "Be not afraid, 'Tis only the Master.
Calming the storm, removing all harm.
Now be of good cheer, your Savior's here now.
Yes, be of good faith, for I'm here to stay, so be not afraid."

3. Once my ship was sinking, 'twas the end I was thinking
For there was no lifeboat 'tween me and the sea.
In despair I cried out in prayer, "Dear God, please save me,"
And then the Lord's sweet hand of love lifted me.


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