Sung to the tune of "Blue Ribbon Rain" by Cecil Null

Listen to the tune
VERSE 1: Are you in a hurry, always feeling dead tired,
Never taking time out to stop and smell the flowers.
Well, there is a cure for all your hustle-bustle,
Bluegrass night in Mena will cheer you for hours.


There's bluegrass in Mena each week Tuesday evening
Bluegrass in Mena, come join with our throng.
There's toe-tapping pickin', and hand-clappin' singin'
Bluegrass night in Mena keeps me all week long.

VERSE 2: Banjo picker's ready to turn loose a breakdown,
Guitars strumming rhythm licks to fill out each song.
Fiddle player's anxious to saw out a hoedown,
Bluegrass night in Mena is still going strong.


VERSE 3: Look at all those good folks, listening and singing,
They keep us picking til we need a rest.
Charles pickin' mandolin, autoharps a-ringin'
I know Bluegrass music must be heaven blest.


Copyright 1995 Joan Babcock

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