As written in honor of the occasion of their 10th. anniversary with
the choir at Russell Memorial Methodist Church of Wills Point, Texas - 1979


You've been with us just ten short years
It really seems much longer.
We may have not improved too much,
But at least we're getting stronger.

We've learned to breathe, we've learned to hum
We've even tried to sing.
Thank heavens Sue is always there
To fill in everything.

And now we'd like to sing this song,
'Twas written just for you:
Our faithful leader Bobby Brown
And accompanist, "Fingers" Sue.

SUNG: to the tune of "Amazing Grace"

Amazing Grace that you're still here
You've worked, cajoled, and praised.
For ten Long years you've cracked the whip,
Now our voices in tribute raise.

When you've been here 10,000 years
We'll still sing flat as ever.
But on this one thing you can depend
We'll all go flat together."

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