As recorded by the Kingsmen Quartet on "Better In Person"

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1. Some folks I know by their name, some I just know their face,
Some are known by their fame, others known by their race.
But in the kingdom of our Lord, each soul has their place,
And in my mind, I have no doubt, by name you've been called out.


And you've been called out, for a purpose, called out to be a servant.
Called out to lift a standard, called out to raise the banner
Called out to be a witness, called out to show forgiveness,
Called out from this world, my child you've been called out.

2. In the prison walls on that day, the jailer bound up their feet.
And stripped of their garments, there they lay, bleeding from where they were beat.
But along about midnight Paul began to pray and Silas he started to sing,
The earh shook about, doors swung open wide, God said, "You've been called out."


Tag: Called out, called out, called out -----, my child you've been called out."

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