Words and Music by: Joel & Candy Hemphill & Wayne Hilton
Recorded 1985 Heartwarming Records on The Hemphills EXCITED

1. A preacher named Paul sat in a prison for the gospel that he had proclaimed
Near to despair, alone and forgotten, bound by shackles and chains
'Til a friend and a brother came to refresh him, to see he was nourished and fed.
Later, remembering, Paul wrote in a letter, and these are the words that I read.


You weren't ashamed of my chains, I needed a friend when you came.
The love that you showed and your smile let me know,
You weren't ashamed of my chains.

2. I too was bound in fetters of darkness thinking I'd never be free.
Bound by chains of sin and self-will as real as chains you can see.
Then with compassion, Jesus came to me. Oh what a freedom He brings.
Loosed me from all but His love that now holds me. Gladly to Him I can sing.

CHORUS: twice

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