Words and Music by: Joel Hemphill
Recorded 1985 Heartwarming Records on The Hemphills EXCITED

1. I don't know why I always sing a song of joy in the springtime
Or why I want to walk by the ocean in the summer sunshine.
Something down inside calls me to the forest in the fall.
I can't explain the feeling, I only know I hear it when it calls.p> CHORUS:

I feel a changing of the seasons in my heart, down in my soul.
As if a new day was dawning on a new world will soon unfold.
God's people all coming together, out of weakness, out of gloom.
There's rejoicing and I think I know the reason -- Jesus must be coming soon.
I can feel the changing of the seasons.

2. Like the voice that says make a preparation winter's on the way.
Something in my spirit says reap the grain through the summer days.
Watching for the Master to return through the clouds in the East.
Where He'll call us to the table, rejoicing as we share the harvest feast.


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