Listen to the tune

1. Modern churches all seem so cold that I yearn for the days of old
When the people just worshipped God in simple ways (simple ways)
Bible preaching was all I heard as we lived by the Holy Word
In that little church I attended yesterday.


Elders shouted (Amen brother) in approval (of the sermon)
As the preacher (as the preacher) brought the word (brought the word)
All about Jesus Christ who died my debt to pay. (debt to pay)
Then the mothers (glad and happy) fanned the children (on the benches)
In the nurture (in the nurture) of the Lord (of the Lord)
That's the way people worshipped Jesus yesterday (yesterday).

2. New found methods may be all right, but they mean nothing in God's sight
He's concerned with the way His children walk each day (walk each day).
So I long for the church of old where the glad Hallelujahs rolled
By the light of the coal oil lamps of yesterday (yesterday).


3. Old time preachers all like to sing, like to hear happy voices ring
But it seems the old-fashioned ones have gone away (gone away).
Now the people all live in town seldom spread dinner on the ground.
They don't visit like neighbors used to yesterday (yesterday).


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