Recorded by The Cathedrals LIVE IN ATLANTA
Copyright 1983 Riversong Records


Everywhere I go the Lord is always with me
Everywhere I go He's right there by my side.
He is constantly cheering me, pressing toward the victory,
He is always leading me, everywhere I go.

1. Here I am a climber, I'm climbing up the mountain.
I'm searching for that city fair that I can call my home.
Even though the hills are steep, even though the valleys deep,
I have a friend to hold my hand, and I'll not climb alone.


2.It's been a long, hard journey, while trudging through the darkness,
But my sights are set on heaven's door, and I'll get there, I know.
Though I may be weary and the outlook may be dreary,
But the uplook points to victory and Jesus said it's so.

CHORUS: twice

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