Recorded by: The McKameys on Tennessee Live
Copyright 1984 The Eddie Crook Co.

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1. I started out to win this race
To serve the Lord and to look upon His face.
But the way's been long and the way's been rough,
But there's one thing for certain, I've got my mind made up.


I've got my foot on the Rock and my mind's made up.
Though I walk through the lonely valley, though I drink from the bitter cup.
When the devil comes a-knockin' showin' me an easier way,
I stand right square on my feet, I throw my head in the air,
I look him straight in the eye, I say, my foot's on the Rock and my mind's made up!

2. Now Job was a man who was tempted in every way,
The devil took his family, he lay sick night and day.
His wife she came a-sayin', "Curse God, you've had enough!"
He said, "You talk like a foolish woman, I've got my mind made up."


3. The devil he will tempt you and fill your way with strife,
He'll make you sick in body, even try to take your life.
Just put your trust in Jesus and say, "Lord, I've had enough."
The Lord will say, "Move on, Satan, he's got his mind made up."


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