1. "This world holds nothing but trouble for me," sometimes you hear me sigh.
It seems that I'm a beggar here on earth where our loved ones have to die.
But I'm longing for a glad reunion that is waiting for you and I
I hear my Savior faintly calling there's a gathering in the sky.


There'll be a great gathering in the sky when all God's children get home.
We'll join the happy millions as they sing there around the blood-washed throne.
I'm speaking of a big camp meeting where we never shall say good-bye.
I'm longing for the day when I hear my Savior say, "There's a gathering in the sky."

2. One by one we pass through the valley dim. Our load seems hard to bear.
Soon we'll have an old-time revival where people's not afraid of prayer.
Let's join the happy angels singing somewhere up there on high.
It seems that I can hear them singin', "There's a gathering in the sky."


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