Words and Music by: Joel Hemphill & Wayne Hilton
Recorded 1985 Heartwarming Records on The Hemphills EXCITED

1. Way back when God created Adam and took the clay in His hands.
He didn't set out to make an angel, He wanted to make a man.
He made him a wife and called her Eve and gave them ajob to do.
God said, "Multiply 'cause I want to fill the earth with a lot more people like you."


God likes people, any shape, any color, any size.
You don't have to be an angel to be really special in His eyes.
He said it in John 3:16 and He proved it on Calvary, too.
God likes people, ordinary people, people like me and you.

2. When Jesus came to preach and heal back 2000 years or so.
Crowds of people followed Him ev'rywhere He'd go.
'Cause He took time to feed the hungry or to bless a child,
And a lot of good folks even took Him home to stay a little while.

CHORUS: twice

Tag: people like me and you. (3 times at end)

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