1. They took our Lord and led Him up to dark Calvary.
They placed on Him a crown of thorns and a robe of mockery.
God saw them nail His feet and hands, the hammer it echoes still,
Then gathered round to watch Him die on Golgotha's Hill.

2. They hung Him there to bleed and die between two common thieves
One cried "Oh Lord, remember me. On Thee I do believe."
The other turned his head and mocked, "Like us He, too, they'll kill
For He is now one of us on Golgotha's Hill."

3. They pierced His sides and spat upon our Savior's precious face
And cared not that He only hung up there to take their place.
As He prayed to the Father just to do His only will,
They all passed by and laughed at Him on Golgotha's Hill.

4. Then suddenly the sky was dark and the earth began to quake.
God saw the soldiers fall upon their knees and there did shake.
This must have been the Son of God that we have treated ill.
What will we do who took His life on Golgotha's Hill?

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