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You're already gonna live forever, don't you wanna know somebody over there?
Have you made up your mind where you're gonna be living?
You're gonna live forever and you better know where.
You're gonna live forever and you better know where..

1. From the day you were born you started on a journey
Trying to do the right thing, running from the wrong.
I was doing pretty good 'til I got a little older
And I never knew what hit me when the devil came along.

I knew there was something missing in my life,
I felt a little tug, but I never would obey
'Til I found me a church and I listened to the preacher.
Made a lot of sense when I heard him say:


2. Ev'rywhere I look, I see a lot of people
Living like tomorrow never will arrive.
Trying everything that comes down the road
It's by the grace of God that they're even still alive.

They don't know there's gonna come a day
When we will give account for everything we've done.
They don't think about that resurrection morning
When they think it's over, it's really just begun.


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