1.   Someone rolled the stone away, was it a thief?
No, it was an angel.
Mary said, "He lives again.  Do you believe?"
Yes, He is my Savior.
Thomas was a doubter until he saw for himself.
Jesus even let him touch the spear hole in His side.


He is risen, He is risen.  Yes, my Lord is risen today.
There are linens with bloodstains,
That is all that remains
There's no body left in that grave.
(He is risen) - repeat at end only

2.   "Tear this temple down," He said, "and in three days,
I, I will rebuild it."
Jesus had to die before we all could be saved.
That is how God willed it.
Those who had Him crucified thought He had seen His end.
They did not know the cross could be His victory.

CHORUS: twice

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