Horses, formerly Getaway Lake


Fishing and Horse Pond

We finally sold our pasture and fishing pond.  No more horses.   Some nice folks from Texas bought the property back in April, so we've got new neighbors.  They are horseback riders big time, so are really enjoying all the trails and mountain rides around here.  They ride Missouri Foxtrotters and those horses can really eat up the miles.  Nice smooth ride, too.  I thought I might give riding a try again, but I truly don't believe it's in the cards for me.  I'm still way too cautious and halfway scared, and that's not the way to ride a horse.  So, guess I'll leave the riding to those folks who still REALLY enjoy it!

Well, obviously advancing age does NOT guarantee increased intelligence.  We just bought ANOTHER horse.  I know, I know.  Didn't think I'd ride again, but the owner GUARANTEED me he was as gentle and well behaved as they come, and she was sure I would be wonderfully happy and SAFE on him.  And, he is a beautiful big fella.  We named him Chance - 'cause he's my last chance of being an "elder rider". 

Addendum to the Chance story:  He ISN'T quite as gentle and well-behaved as we were led to believe, and he's a LOT bigger than we thought when we got him.  He was about 8" shorter in the pen he was in because he'd worn a trail along the fence, so we were standing higher than he was.  He's a really great horse, just a little more spirited and full of zip than I will ever be comfortable with.  Even Bill is a bit nervous to ride him.  He's SOOOO tall - a good 16 hands - and it just looks like a LONG way down from his back.    We found new owners for Chance from the Tulsa area, and they came and got him on July 3rd.  They plan to give him some work to do - possibly at the race track, so he should be in his element.

Bill did find another horse whose name was Mick.  He's a Morgan and as pleasant a horse as is Pretty Girl.  (refer to Pretty Girl's description below).   But, his tenure at Babcock's Revolving Door Ranch was short-lived.  (You can see Mick's picture on the Former Horses page with ALL the others who've come through our lives.)  We did acquire a little Morgan mare named Pepper for a week or so, but never did any riding on her to speak of.   Bought her as an intermediary for another friend.  That didn't work out!  Who knew??

Bill sold Mick a few days ago as well as Pepper so I guess he's finally REALLY, REALLY, REALLY decided to give up riding once and for all.   All he has left is his dusty saddle.  (Pretty Girl is still here - she's mine, and I'm not NEARLY as old as Bill.  And, I MAY ride sometimes.)

Anyway, I found, or I should say, Bill found another horse, a little paint mare, that was more my speed.  14 hands tall.  I can get on her by myself.  15 years old.  She's been there, done that!  And, she's a real sweetheart.  She really is gentle, easy to load, easy to ride, easy to shoe, just an all around super little horse.  I'm going to enjoy this Pretty Girl.

I've included a link to a page with pictures of all the horses who have passed through our lives since we started "horsing around" as well as a little history of our journey into the world of horses.    Former Horses.   Take a look if you have time.  We've had some pretty ones.


And, now, one more picture needs to be added to the Babcock "Horsing Around" Saga. 

Here sits Bill's old saddle.  Dust-covered.  Not to be used again.  He thought that there just "oughta" be a song here someplace, so, was going to write one - "dust on the saddle".  That's as far as he got.  But, of course, he got me thinking so here's a little Ode to Bill's Saddle that I wrote this afternoon.  It is to the tune of "Dust on the Bible" so if you know that song, you will be good to go. 



                       Dust on The Saddle

Vs. 1   Bill's saddle looks so lonely sitting here inside the barn.
No horse to put beneath her pad, no butt to keep her warm.
She's just a worn out saddle who's really been around.
Now she's covered o'er with barn dust, not a horsehair to be found.

Chorus:  Dust on Bill's saddle, dust on the stirrups, too.
The saddle's sitting empty, not a lot for it to do.
It's had some great adventures on Big Guy, and the rest,
Now this dusty saddle sits here, she has passed the final test.

Vs. 2   She hasn't been a youngster now for many, many years.
In fact, it took a lot of work to make her worth appear.
But, if he's said it one time, Bill's said it lots before.
"This old gal fits me perfect, she's just what I'm lookin' for."

Chorus:  Dust on Bill's saddle, dust on the stirrups, too.
The saddle's sitting empty, not a lot for it to do.
It's had some great adventures on Big Guy, and the rest,
Now this dusty saddle sits here, she has passed the final test.

Just out our back door are the beautiful Kiamichi Mountains, which gave us thousands of acres in which to ride.  There is a riding guest ranch in our area that provides trail rides through our beautiful mountains.  It's A to Z Guest Ranch which is located about 6 miles north of Octavia on Hwy. 259.  To check out their website for more information.

In 2006 we dug a pond on our lower 17 acres.  It was mainly to give Bill a place to fish, but also was the watering hole for the horses.  It's about a 3 acre lake and Bill has been stocking it with fish ever since it got full, so fishing is getting pretty good by this time.

The finished pond.  Looking good and stocked with fish. 


We call this "Getaway Lake" because I always know where to find Bill when he's decided to "get away" for a little while.   Even though we've got new pond owners, we still get to go down there and fish some, so that makes it pretty nice. 

Here's a few pictures of some of the fish we've caught in the pond this year.  They've grown up quite nicely if I do say so myself. 



The summer of 2007 we had a pole barn built for the horses, and for hay storage.  It turned out well.   The builders started it on Monday morning and by Tuesday night it was all finished.   We built all the stalls ourselves.  Six stalls on one side of the barn and a feed room on the other side and the remainder for room for hay.   Now new horses are enjoying the barn! 


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