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1. Oh! Master Shepherd of the flock
The fold looks bare and thin.
The sheep have almost left the fold.
How did the goats get in?

You've let down the bars, You've let down the bars,
You've compromised with sin.
You've let down the bars, all the sheep ran out
And you've let all the goats come in.

2. You tried to get the banker in
So you could use his gold.
The rich and mighty you may have,
But the poor's left in the cold.

3. You let the television in
To entertain the crowd.
So while the poor sheep starved to death
The goats are fat and proud.

4. Now the sheep are careful what they eat,
Green pastures you must bring,
But the goats don't know the difference.
They'll chew on any old thing.

5. Well, the goats now run the whole program
And what a mess at that.
So Master Shepherd raise up the bars
And the sheep will all come back.

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