1. Like the woman brought to Jesus, who was taken in her sins,
I was so ashamed of what I'd done and where I had been.
Justice called for payment that was more than I could give,
But mercy's smile was on His face, "I forgive."


Oh, the sweetest words He ever said were "I forgive" (I forgive)
When sentence death was passed away, and I could live, (I could live)
Well, I like the part where He told about a mansion He would give,
But the sweetest words He ever said, were "I forgive." (I forgive)

2. Well, if you're tired of living in the wrong that you have done,
Come on home to Jesus, you know He's the cleansing one.
In His arms He'll hold you, and you've just begun to live,
When you hear Him gently whisper, "I forgive."


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