by: LaVerne Tripp/Burns, Rouse & Mann Copyright 1971 by Lois Publishing Co.

1. Some people say that this old time religion
Is just a thing of the past.
But in this modern age that we're living
It's the only thing that will last.
Now you may think that I'm a little old fashioned
Well, friend, that's all right with me.
But I'm so glad that I am a Christian
And from sin I have been set free.


I know, I know, there's no doubt about it
He lives in my heart and I'm gonna shout it.
I know, I know, my sins are forgiven
And I'm on my way to a place that's called Heaven.

2. Not long ago at an old fashioned meeting
I fell on my knees there in prayer.
He lifted my burdens, sins shackles fell from me
And His presence was so real everywhere.
Now that the load I carried is lighter,
He's changed my gray skies to blue.
My steps are now higher and I have this assurance
That His sweet love will carry me through.


Come go with me to that land over yonder
He's prepared for the pure and the true
It's a place where sickness and death cannot enter
I'm going, brother, how about you?
It may be today or may be tomorrow
He'll return in robes of pure white.
I'm packing up now getting my things together
Who knows, He might come tonight.


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