1.   I don't need a shooting star to make my wish come true,
I don't need a 4-leaf clover or a crystal ball to see through.
I don't need a claim to fame like some folks always do.
I've got the light of Jesus inside, and it shines the whole day through.


It's a miracle, a sight to see.  Oh, and when He touches me
Way down deep in my soul, something's got a hold and it won't let go.
Oh, if I stumble, if I fall, He's waiting right there to catch me.
Oh, it's a miracle, a miracle to me.

2.   I don't need any good luck charm always hanging around.
I don't need a wishing well to throw my money down.
Don't need to make the front page news or be the talk of the town.
I'm telling the world about a miracle that'll turn the whole world 'round.

He's everything that this old world needs
to make every dream come true.
Everyday I count my blessings 
for the love He shows each day and gives to me and you.


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