Father's Day, 1993
Happy Father's Day, Daddy. I thought I'd let you know
How special you have been to me, and why I love you so.
I know when I was just a kid, things at home were tough.
The work was hard, money scarce, and never time enough
To get all that needed doing done before the day would end
Still you took the time for my accordian practice when
I'm sure you'd have much rather gone on to bed,
But a little girl wanted her Daddy's time instead.

Then when homework had me taxing my brain,
You helped me with problems and never complained.
So without having said so in so many words,
You told me you loved me in ways my heart always heard.

When Christmas time rolled around, I always felt we were rich.
Somehow you always provided for your daughter's deepest wish.
I look back now and see what you must have sacrificed
To make sure I had a brand new doll or a beautiful blue bike.
I never doubted "Santa" who made all my dreams come true.
But, then I learned, dear Daddy, that all the time 'twas you.

You sent me to college, you brought me back home.
You gave me away, then saw me alone.
You saw me through good times, I hurt you through bad,
And the heartaches I caused you still make me so sad.
I remember wondering once if you really even cared,
But when I looked into tear-filled eyes, I saw that love was there.

So, Daddy, on this Father's Day, before our time is past,
I want to thank you for gifts you gave that will forever last --
Music lessons, how to work, faith, and love, and family.
I'm proud that you're my Daddy, and hope you're just as proud of me.

(written - 6/93)

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