1.   No one can know just when Jesus is coming
We can be sure He is coming again.
We cannot see with our eyes His Holy Spirit,
But feel in our hearts when He's moving within.

He said He'd inhabit the praise of His people
Where two or three agree in His name.
Let's take a vote of who's ready to see Him
Welcome Him back to His family again.


Lift up your hands if you know that you love Him.
Lift up your hands if you're sure that you're saved.
We can bring honor to our heavenly Father
When we lift up our hands in praise.

2.   He is our Father and we are His children,
We are his people and He is our King.
We lift up our voices in praise of our Maker,
Lift up your hands as to Jesus we sing.

Nothing is sweeter to Him than our praise,
For He is blessed when His people rejoice.
He makes a home in the midst of our worship.
Lift up your hands and lift up your voice.


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