by: Dee Gaskin

Listen to the Tune

1. I tried and tried to think of some good deed that I had done,
That would give to me a right to claim a kinship to God's Son.
Could it have been because I tried in every way to please?
Could it have been 'cause I have spent some time down on my knees?

2. Could it have been because my heart was often touched in pain?
Could it have been because I often witnessed in His name?
Or could it be that in the past some precious souls I've won?
I searched my heart and realized, it's nothing I have done.


The love of God defies all understanding of the mind.
He chose to walk up Calvary's hill and die for all mankind.
Those ugly scars he bore for me while hanging on the tree
Was the price of my redemption, and He did it all for me.

3. Now though I've been a trusted friend to someone on life's road,
Shared a simple cup of water with a tired and thirsty soul,
I try to be to those I meet as gentle as a dove,
But I've never done a single deed that's worthy of His love.


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