(written Dec. 24, 2002 by Joan Babcock)
We're all back home this Christmas
But it's not the same this year.
This is the first time at the house
That Daddy won't be here.

But I know he's celebrating
the best Christmas of them all
With Grandma, Grandpa, Ruth, and Joe,
He'll surely have a ball
Singing "Happy Birthday, Jesus".
There's no more monotone,
But a voice that's deep and rich and sweet
As he dances 'round the throne.

So even tho' it's not the same
We'll laugh and have some fun
Knowing Daddy's waiting
For us to join him one by one.

Now Merry Christmas everyone.
Let's fill our home with cheer,
'Cause no one knows but God alone
Where we'll celebrate next year.

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