On the Occasion of her 75th. Birthday

Seventy-five already, Mom. How can that really be?
It seems 'twas only yesterday I sat upon your knee.
You had so much patience as you helped me on my way,
And love and laughs and happiness were just part of every day.

Then when I went off to school with ribbons in my hair,
I couldn't wait to get back home 'cause I knew that you'd be there.
A glass of milk, a piece of bread with honey you'd have waiting,
Or sometimes even better yet, you'd have molasses cookies baking,
But you're what made our house a home, what brought it all together.
You always had a song and smile no matter what the weather.

I can still see the three of us out weeding the flowers
And you'd sing to us kids for what I'm sure seemed like hours.
My favorite of all was old "Cowboy Jack",
And whenever I sing it, it sure takes me back,
To my childhood days---there can be no other
As great as those days I spent with you, Mother.

And then there's the way you kept me from smoking
Even though I thought you were only joking
When you said you'd never come visit my place
If I insisted on blowing smoke in your face.
But it wasn't just words that made the real difference.
You and Dad set the pace for the conviction within us.

I know there were lots of times I hurt you really bad
And if I could live it all again, I'd never make you sad.
But yet you loved me through it all and never made me feel
Like you'd given up, turned me out. I knew your love was real.

There are so many special times and joys I could recall,
But simple things we did at home were really best of all.
Playing cards, popping corn, or baking rolled out cookies.
If I hadn't liked school so much, it'd have been easy to play hookie.

But it wasn't always fun and games, we had our work to do,
And the habits I still have today, I owe totally to you.
So, Mama, on this special day, I hope that you can see,
I love you more than I did then. YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME.

(written for my Mom - 12/92)

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