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This website  is a collection of my personal poems, songs, and other some of my favorite links to other web sites.  There is also a page or two dedicated to the new interest in our lives - namely our horses and fishing.  This is Bill's favorite part, so check it out.  Unfortunately, as of about two years ago, we sold our last horse, my "Pretty Girl" and we are officially out of the "horsing around" phase.  Bill took down the fence by the little barn and has turned it into a place where he can propagate plants, start seeds, and develop things for his numerous flower beds that are scattered around the house.  Since cutting down all the pine trees last year, he's had plenty of places to build beds and build he did.  Once things are in bloom, it will be a mass of color around here ( we hope)!  

We live in Southeast Oklahoma in what is called the Mountain Gateway area where we used to run a small tourist shop called "Babcock's Store".   Check out the "Store Memories" link above - just added.  We've been closed since Nov. of 2000 and now live in the remodeled store building.  The house is huge but livable.

Something that I have enjoyed doing over the years is composing poems and songs for special occasions for family and friends. These have been written with love and for specific purposes.

By using the links above, you can see a list of my songs and poems and be sure to check out the Bluegrass Gospel Lyrics page. I've tried to put songs on here that I've never been able to find on the web or couldn't find easily.

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