Listen to the tune
1. Soldier, where is your armor?
Soldier, where is your armor?
Soldier, where is your armor?
The armor, the armor of the Lord.

2. Can you fight without the breasplate?
Can you fight without the belt or shield?
Can you fight the battle in your bare feet?
Soldier, what weapon will you wield?

You're just a naked soldier, with no tools to make you strong,
You've only got your helmet, what else can you put on?

3. Our Lord God has make provision.
We don't have to fight unclothed.
Each garment He's placed before us
To help us, to make us bold.

4. Now listen you naked soldiers
If you wonder why battles are not won.
You don't have on your armor,
And you're defeated before you've begun.

But there's righteousness for our breastplate
And truth to surround our waist.
Our feet shod with the gospel
And we hold a shield of faith.
With salvation as our helmet
And our sword - the word of God.
There's no need to go forth naked,
We can wear the armor of our Lord.
Yes, we should wear the full armor of our Lord.

Copyright 2000 Joan Babcock

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