1. Into the wilderness Jesus went and He tarried forty days,
Partaking not of any food, for He went there just to pray,
And when ol' Satan tried to tempt Him, He said, "My strength's from above,"
He sat down at the Father's table, and He feasted on His love.


So put your feet under God's table, get a feast on the manna from above,
Just give your life to the Lord Jesus, get a portion of His love.
If you want to get a blessing that will set your heart aglow,
Get a taste of Heaven, where the living waters flow,
Put your feet under God's table, get your life filled with His love.

2. A multitude of people gathered to hear what Jesus would say,
They had five loaves of bread and two fishes to feed the hungry that day.
Jesus took it and He broke it, and He blessed it, then the table was spread,
They put their feet under God's table, and the multitude was fed.


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