Recorded by: The McKameys on Tennessee Live
Copyright 1984 by Eddie Crook Co.

1. Things of this world cannot please us, I oughta tell the world about Jesus.
How from bonds of sin He freed us when He paid the cost.
Sometimes our hearts are so heavy 'neath the burden that we must carry
Thus we've got no time to tarry lest some soul be lost.


Look up, ye weary pilgrim, look up and smile.
Know your redemption draweth nigh, (draweth nigh, Hallelujah)
Lift up your heart and your voices in a song of praise.
Our day is coming by and by.

2. Go forth the harvest needs reaping, no time for slumb'ring and sleeping
Lest the bridegroom find us weeping over works not done.
Hearts cry out for sinners still yearning, there can be no backward turning
Lamps trimmed and brightly burning when our Lord shall come.


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