Words and Music by: Joel Hemphill
Recorded 1985 Heartwarming Records on The Hemphills EXCITED

1. Often trips and great occasions require a reservation
And every invitation asks for your reply.
When you feel the Spirit calling, it's time to give your answer
To the Savior's invitation for a journey to the sky.


Have you made your reservation for a place to spend forever,
A happy ever after 'cause you know you can't stay here.
Jesus thought of you on Calvary, sent a special invitation.
Hurry, make your reservation for the time is drawing near.

2. The Father planned the wedding supper for the bridegroom and the bride
When the roll is called up yonder, you'll be so glad you came.
Soon the guests will all be seated, all the saints are standing by,
And a place at the table waits for you in Jesus' name.

CHORUS: twice

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