by: Dee Gaskin

1.  Look at that gathering children, (children)
Standing there on the other side of Jordan.
See them raising their hands.
What's that song I hear them singin'
Praising the Risen Lamb.

2.  Look at that gathering children (children)
Standing there on the distant shore.
And all of them wearing white robes, children,
Must be a million, maybe more
Praising the Risen Lamb.


And, oh, the song I hear them singing
Golden voices sweetly ring.
I hear sounds like glad hosannas,
Ho-o-o-ly, holy is our King.
They're praising the Risen Lamb.

3.   Look at that gathering children (children)
Wonder if the banquet's almost ready.
They're waiting the Great I Am.
They're walking down to the supper table
Praising the Risen Lamb.

CHORUS: twice

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