Words and Music by: Joel and Trent Hemphill
Recorded 1985 Heartwarming Records on The Hemphills EXCITED

1. Would you believe someone like me that wandered on in sin
Could say today, they're washed away, and I've been born again.
Would you believe someone like me that never had a thing
Is standing here a millionaire, adopted by a King.


I'm so excited, I just can't hide it.
I want to tell the world about my Savior and His love.
I'm saved and know it, just got to show it,
Excited just to think He wrote my name above.

2. Well, it's alright to get enthused about a winnning team,
Or clap your hands for joy because you heard somebody sing.
But the best thing that I've found to light the fire and fan the flame,
Is to open up your heart, and start praisin' Jesus' name.


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