Words & Music by Mike Payne (Eagle One Publishing/Timber Publishing)
Recorded by The Paynes on RAPTURE

1. You were so high on Your throne and I was below.
And I was so lost and alone, an unworthy soul.
You looked inside my heart and saw what I could be.
You left your home, stepped down from Your throne for someone like me.


How could someone like You-u-u love someone like me?
Why would a King leave everything to die on a tree-e-e-e?
If I lived a million years, I'd still never see-e-e
Why someone like You (someone like You) would love someone like me.

2.   You never needed me, but I needed You,
And I was a beggar, Lord, my virtues so few.
Then You adopted me into Your family.
Now I'm an heir, such riches You share with someone like me.


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