(Lyrics by Dave Mann, Music by Marty Fryberg - copyright 1949)

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Verse 1:
I don't want a sirloin steak, you can take pie and cake,
They give me a tummyache. I like Stinky Cheese!
Liederkranz or Camembert, soft gruyere, roquefort rare,
Gee it smells, but I don't care.
I like Stinky Cheese!

Just remember this, please, a piece of swiss cheese is heavenly.
Strong cheese fairly fells me, my family tells me,
That half the city smells me!
All the folks are horrified, run outside, try to hide.
I'm alone but satisfied.
I like Stinky Cheese!

Verse 2:
I don't go for fancy eats, juicy meats, lots of sweets,
When I eat it, it repeats,
I like Stinky Cheese!
You can keep your roasted lambs, country hams, homemade jams,
I don't go for candied yams.
I like Stinky Cheese!

Take a great big bowl of some gorgonzola that's ripe and rare.
Rub it on a grater, a moment later, they'll send the fumigator!
Cheese for baking, cheese to stew, cheese to brew, cheese ragout,
All I know is next to you.
I like Stinky Cheese!

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