1. If I could telephone Heaven and talk to the loved ones up there,
I'm sure they would tell of the beauty that surrounds them in that land so fair.
Perhaps they would talk of a river that flows through that lovely land.
I'm sure they would bid me to join them and stroll once again hand in hand.


Every thing here is eternal. Each view is a wonderful sight.
The sun here is always shining. In this lad there is no night.
There's splendor in all directions, every where your eyes will see.
Peace and contentment forever. You'll never long elsewhere to be.

2. If I could telephone Heaven and talk to a loved one today,
"I don't want to go back there," I believe I would hear them say.
"For Jesus is all that I need here, every need has been supplied.
The cares of this earth seemed as nothing, when He wiped all those tears from my eyes."


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