Lyrics on verses by Ruth Praytor - Smithville, OK - March 2003
Chorus and Music by Joan Babcock - Octavia, OK - June 2003.

Listen to the Tune
1. Do you want to talk like Jesus - words of truth to speak?
Do you want to walk like Jesus carefully with Holy feet?
Do you want to live like Jesus faithful to Your God above?
Do you want to give like Jesus not of duty but of love?


Well, I do, yes, I do.
Trusting in His grace 'til I see Him face to face.
Well, I do, yes, I do.
I want to live just like my Lord.

2. Do you want to see like Jesus tenderly with loving heart?
Do you want to be like Jesus Spirit-filled and set apart?
Do you want to pray like Jesus, "Father, not my will but Thine?"
Do you want to stay like Jesus in God's presence all the time?


3. Do you want to dare like Jesus speaking out on wrong and sin?
Do you want to care like Jesus seeking souls to win for Him?
Do you want to teach like Jesus setting captive people free?
Do you want to tell of Jesus' blood that He shed for you and me?


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