by: Joan L. Babcock

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Today I saw a picture of Golgotha's lonely hill
There were three crosses standing there
Two hung against their will.
But the third man was so different as quietly He stayed
Upon the cruel cross, while on Him my sins were laid.

He cried, "Oh Father, where are You? Why have You left me here
To pay the price that You demand for these whom You hold dear?
But Father, if this be Thy will, I want it to be done.
I willingly lay down my life to buy back everyone."

Then I saw Him lift His thorn-crowned head
And gasp through bleeding lips
"Father, it is finished", then from this life He slipped.
And, at that moment, the price was paid.
My slate was new and clean.
And only my selfish, foolish pride could ever stand between
A life of sin or one of joy where all has been made new.
And Jesus, so You know again, today I'm choosing You.

Tag: Yes, Jesus, now You know again that I have chosen You.

Copyright 2002 Joan Babcock

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