Lyrics by Ruth Praytor - Smithville, OK 2002
Music by Joan Babcock - Octavia, OK 2002

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1. I saw the power of God last night in a storm that crossed the land.
I heard His voice in the rolling thunder that shook the mountains like a vi'lent hand.
I saw His anger in the light'ning's flashes brighter than the sun of day.
I felt it in the lashing winds that bent the trees and made them sway.


Lord, send a rainbow to show the storm is done.
Let us dwell on a mountain forever in the sun.
Lord, send us a rainbow to show the storm is through,
And let us, Lord, forever dwell with You.

Then the storm was gone and in the sky there appeared a rainbow in brilliant hue.
The sign that God had promised us to show the storm was through.

2. I saw His everlasting love in the flow'rs and sky so blue,
In the breeze that touched the grass with a gentle kiss as it passes through.
God is Almighty in His anger, yet so gentle when we weep.
He will lift us up with hands so strong, fore'er His promise He will keep.


Tag: last time - And let us, Lord, forever dwell with You.

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