Store Memories


BABCOCK'S STORE - Octavia, OK - 1984 - 2000

If you've ever visited, heard about, or wished you'd been able to stop by, here's a place for you to take a trip back in the past. There's a little history, some pictures, stories, and laughs, etc. that I think you might find interesting. Please take a little time and reminisce with us.

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Good place to start and get an introduction to the place called Babcock's Store.
I. HISTORY of Babcock's Store

What would reminiscing be without some pictures. This will take you to a slideshow of many scenes inside and outside the old store. We had a lot of fun here, as I'm sure you can see. If you are still getting internet connection via dial-up, this slide show will take some time to load, so be patient. It WILL show up eventually. first time is the worst.
II. Picture Show

Joan's Dad made this next little item for her. We had more fun with this little guy than probably anything in the store. Be sure to check out "The Ferret".
III. The Ferret

And, if you haven't given up yet, here's a little more.
IV. More of the Story

I guess I told this story to every pair of newlyweds who came by to visit. I never ceased to impress them with my abundance of wit and old fashioned wisdom.
V. The Newlyweds

What would a place be like without a song to sing every time a group gathered. Joan wrote this little ditty and sang it more times than she can probably remember. Actually, she still gets requests for it from time to time.
VI. Babcock's Store Song

I'm sure we had many famous people visit Babcock's Store from time to time, but this is one of our biggest surprises - especially after he finally "got his name in lights."
VII. The Visitor

Son, Bert, and daughter-in-law Lisa, spent a couple summer/fall seasons with us and were a big help. But, of course, a few memorable situations always managed to take place. Check out the Storekeepers
VIII. Storekeepers

Another "story" on Bert. Seems he was always good for a story or two.
IX. The Sweetheart Bits

So, now you've had a little "visit to the past". Hope you enjoyed the ride and come back and see us again sometime. Or, check out the rest of the web site. Getaway Lake will give you a taste of what I've been doing lately. The links are at the top of the page.