Windows 8 – Wireless Connection Guide

This document will provide basic wireless network connection procedure for the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.

Step 1:  Open the Charms bar by pressing Windows + C on your keyboard. Alternatively, if you have a mouse, move the cursor to the upper right corner of the screen until the Charms bar appears along the right edge of the screen. If you have a touch-enabled device, swipe from the right edge of the screen to bring up the Charms bar.

Step 2:  Click Settings .


Step 3:  Click on the Network icon.


Step 4:  Select the SSID “Pine LTE”.

Step 5:  Ensure that “Connect automatically” is check marked. Click Connect.


Step 6:  Enter the Wi-Fi Key. (Hint: There are no letter O in the key. All letters are UPPERCASE.)

Step 7:  Click Next to establish connection.


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